Pets & Broken Legs

Blunt motor vehicle trauma is a common accident that results in both limb and pelvic fractures in both dogs and cats. It is always unexpected and stressful to find out your loved one has been involved in an accident and sustained a serious injury. Selected basic fractures in young pups and kittens can be effectively managed with splints and casts provided care is taken to prevent rub sores from developing and the vet is sure that the bone will heal. More complex fractures and those that occur in large and older dogs are best referred to a specialist surgeon for surgical repair. Specialists have expertise, more experience, better equipment and trained assistants. You are able to request referral to a specialist from your regular vet.

Repairing Fractures

It is important to appreciate that each and every fracture is slightly different and that each patient is different in terms of their size, activity and their healing capacity. At Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre, we have surgeons who have extensive clinical experience and can apply a range of different implant stems to any selected case. This means we can provide an optimal surgical solution for your pet. Please call us if you would like to discuss costs of fracture repair or would like to find out what the success rates are for surgical repair.

Fracture Repair Information

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