2020 Surgery Pricing


Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre


In Melbourne there has been a steady demand for advances in veterinary medicine as there has been worldwide. Many aspiring ambitious vets have embarked on advanced training programs and become specialists seeking to offer the best to their pets and clients.

I believe the growth of referral practice has slowly driven prices up to the consumer. Pet insurance allows some clients to afford care but this is limited to those who are proactive and organized. Often we see clients decline surgical procedures as the costs are not affordable to them.

As referral practice has expanded, some centres have transitioned from having experienced registered specialists perform all of the surgical procedures to allowing trainees in surgery (residents / registrars) take referrals likely at the same or similar cost.

Personally, I have refrained from this strategy for 20 years as I believe the referring vets, patients and clients deserve the best I could offer as my skill set and knowledge base keep improving.

Frequently, especially from rural families, we respond to price enquiries and see patients with treatable conditions decline referral solely based on the inability to afford care. This now happens with such frequency that I have decided to launch a suite of value packages to address this problem. PESC has two surgical trainees who will be involved but the operation will be supervised by myself in a controlled environment. The primary goal is to allow care to be provided at low cost by involving supervised trainees to run these cases and limit hospitalization, multimodal analgesia and extensive workups.

Over many years the LSAH have generously provided lower cost options and  payment plans to assist those in need when faced with expensive and unexpected vet bills. PESC hopes to provide an option for your clients knowing you may have established relationships with other referral partners and your client may not be close to us.

Veterinarians need to be aware of these when offering packages to clients in order to avoid misunderstandings and elevated expectations. Clients can elect to add to the base packages if they see value on the day of service but this is their personal choice and not mandatory.


TPLO $2750
MPL $1500
Soft Tissue $2500
Cancer $2500
Fractures $2500
The Fine Print:

Complimentary pickup service to replace consultation if clinic within 30 min driving range of PESC.

Local vet provides: NSAIDs, rechecks, followup calls and perform x-rays / bandage changes / histopathology.

Up to 8 hours hospital provided: admit 8am – 10am / discharge 4pm – 6pm Mon-Fri. Late pickup fees apply.

No payment plans / client pays 100% upfront before Sx.

Clients may see trainee surgeon for consultation and nurse / trainee discharge without seeing a specialist.

Fixed price overnight care $500 for IVFs, opioids, vet supervision can be elected in all cases.


2020 PESC Surgery Inclusions / Exclusions


Cancer Surgery


Wide excision of skin masses: MCT / Carcinomas / Sarcomas
Skin flaps and reconstruction including closed suction drains

Limb amputation for unresectable cancer & hemipelvectomy

Ear ablation & bulla osteotomy

Lung lobectomy / thymoma
Chest wall / rib masses
Palliative pericardectomy

Mandibulectomy & maxillectomy
Liver lobectomy
Gastric / intestinal / colonic / rectal & perianal masses

Endocrine neoplasia: thyroid / parathyroid / adrenal / pancreatic

Nephrectomy & bladder masses

Splenectomy (non-emergency / no cases with hemoabdomen)

Radical mastectomy / vaginal masses


Histopathology, blood tests, transfusions

Ongoing opioid analgesia after premedication / local vet to provide oral NSAIDs after PESC injectable

Overnight hospitalization in ICU (after 6pm)

Spinal, intracranial, biliary surgery


Trauma Surgery


Physeal fractures: lateral humeral condyle / femoral capital physis head / distal femoral physis / tibial tuberosity

Joint Luxations: open hip reduction

Femoral head and neck excision arthroplasty

Simple diaphyseal longbone fractures: radius / tibia / femur

Pelvic fractures: sacroiliac luxation / ileal fracture

IM pinning, non-locking plates / screws, pins & TBW


Comminuted / open / articular fractures = higher level of difficulty

Arthrodesis and bone grafting

Bilateral pelvic fractures / spinal fractures

Dicondylar distal humeral condylar fractures

Comminuted or chronic (> 7d) physeal fractures

Ongoing opioid analgesia after premedication / local vet to provide oral NSAIDs after PESC injectable

Overnight hospitalization in ICU (after 6pm)

We will accept 24/7 admissions to help clients with travel on a caseby-case basis


Soft Tissue Surgery


Brachycephalic Airway: palatoplasty / nares / everted saccules

Perineal hernia with muscle flap reconstruction

Laryngeal Paralysis : arytenoid lateralization

Extrahepatic portosystemic shunt with cellophane banding

Total ear canal ablation for irreversible otitis externa

Ectopic Ureter reimplantation

Subtotal colectomy

Patent ductus arteriosus & PRAA

Wound reconstructive surgery – skin flaps

Cervical tracheal collapse – extraluminal rings

Feline perineal urethrostomy (stable patient)

Prostate surgery: cyst / abscess

Salivary mucocele


Diagnostics: blood tests, imaging, pathology

Overnight hospitalization in ICU (after 6pm)